Video Premiere: “Ho Hey” by Chase Gassaway

Texas-based folkster Chase Gassaway recently released A Fly Can’t Bird, an album of carefully-chosen and reimagined tunes–covers of fellow Texas bands as well as of songs made famous by the likes of The Temptations and John Legend; today, Gassaway is back with a brand new video featuring an acoustic performance of “Ho Hey,” the ubiquitous earworm by The Lumineers that he covered and included on the new album.

“I feel like this song showed up overnight and was relentlessly attached to everything you could imagine,” Gassaway says of “Ho Hey.”  “You could do practically anything with it because it was charming, quirky and truly igniting the new indie folk sound made popular these past few years. I was struck by the juxtaposition of these lyrics against the tone and feel of how the song was being branded,” he adds of the song’s commercial use to promote everything from the NFL to beer.  “If you remove the Ho’s and Hey’s, the poetry left behind harbors an unrequited longing. It’s about doing your best to make something work only to watch it fall apart right in front of you.”

“There is a bitter suppression akin to Sting’s ‘Every Breath You Take.’ I wanted to explore that side of the story and the interpretation that came out was minor and melancholy,” he continues. “I felt like it needed to be heard from this viewpoint.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew is proud to present the acoustic video performance of “Ho Hey” from Chase Gassaway:

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