Video Premiere: “Howl” by Emilee South

Just in time for Halloween, Melbourne-based rootsy rocker Emilee South unleashes a scream-tastic new video for her latest tune, “Howl”, the feverish first single from her forthcoming EP. The decadent video, an homage to the glamorous macabre of 1940s horror flicks, is the perfect setting for South’s voodoo-tinged, bone-rattling, throwback rock n’roll style.

Filmed and directed by Andrew Watson of Semiconductor Media, the video features South, along with a slew of special guest appearances from the Melbourne music scene (Skyscraper Stan, Baby Blue). “For Matt (my partner in music, crime, love, and life) and me, the inspiration came from an evening of watching old horror films,” South recalls. “I should note, I particularly love the typefaces and fonts used in the title screens and credits of old films–there’s something so romantic about them! Nosferatu’s famous ‘shadow scene’, The Invisible Man Returns, as well as grand plans for insanely complicated props and special effects.”

“I immediately loved Andrew’s concept of setting up a big banquet of texturally rich and decadent foods, and having the cast go crazy at the end, ripping and tearing it all apart with their hands and mouths,” she continues. “His reference to Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand was also a surefire winner, and solidified the notion we were on the same page creatively.” With help from a troupe of dear friends, South and company spent a day and an evening creating the banquet and table and then ripping it all apart. “With countless bottles of red wine involved, of course,” she adds.
South is throwing a Halloween bash (or should we say HOWLoween bash…see what we did there?) with very special guest support from video co-stars Skyscraper Stan to celebrate the release of the single at Bella Union in Melbourne; the doors open at 8pm, and you can purchase your tickets to the soiree here. It’s not to be missed!
Without further ado, Mother Church Pew is beyond thrilled to premiere “Howl” by Emilee South:

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