Video Premiere: “Howl” by Emilee South

Just in time for Halloween, Melbourne-based rootsy rocker Emilee South unleashes a scream-tastic new video for her latest tune, “Howl”, the feverish first single from her forthcoming EP. The decadent video, an homage to the glamorous macabre of 1940s horror flicks, is the perfect setting for… Continue Reading

Pew Playlist: 3 Songs That Should Be On Your Radar, 9/30/15

“Magic Mountain” – Firekid Nashville-based native Alabaman Dillon Hodges, a.k.a. Firekid, is nothing short of a sensation.  Guitars quake at the sound of his name; when he performs, his nimble fingers fly across the frets leaving a trail of smoke behind.… Continue Reading

Pew Playlist: 3 Modern Vintage Songs, 9/22/15

I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong era; my wardrobe consists of whimsically-printed circle skirts, cat-eyed sunglasses, and lips that are perpetually painted a bright shade of red.  Needless to say, modern vintage tunes melt my proverbial butter and… Continue Reading