Pew Playlist: 3 New Albums That Should Be On Your Radar, 8/19/16

Pushed To The Side – The Coal Men

Pushed To The Side is the fifth studio album from acclaimed Nashville roots-rock trio The Coal Men, “three solid dudes trying to make really honest, genuine music” as frontman Dave Coleman says. The tunes are atmospheric and moody, their protagonists forlorn, displaced, and drifting. “It’s not a concept record,” Coleman explains, “but the narratives of being pushed to the side, of being on the fringe or alienated; they’re part of the story of the record.” That includes the Nashville experience itself, as intimated in “The Payoff,” a faster-pulsed twanger about trying to break through in a town where too many people make music for the wrong reasons. “We’re just telling stories,” Coleman says. “And it felt good to tell these.” (Also, if you’re in Nashville on August 28th, you can see them perform up close and in person at Mother Church Pew’s 1-Year Anniversary Celebration. SWOON.)


Magic Fire – The Stray Birds

Today, The Stray Birds release Magic Fire, which houses the most exciting and engaging music they’ve ever composed paired with their most outspoken and insightful lyrics yet. Produced by three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Larry Campbell (best known for his work with luminaries like Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Paul Simon, and Willie Nelson) and engineer, Justin Guip (another three-time Grammy Award-winner who worked with the late Helm), the album demonstrates the group’s remarkable growth as songwriters and performers, and brims with harmoniously groovy Appalachian-inspired Americana.

Just This EP – Birdtalker

Alt-folk group Birdtalker has released its anthemic debut EP, Just This, which reflects different themes of adulthood, touching on the evolution of founding members Zack and Dani Green’s marriage, to prioritizing what is most important in one’s life. MCP proudly premiered the band’s single, “Graveclothes”, and it, along with lead single “Heavy”, have garnered over 1.25 million plays on Spotify. No big deal.


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