Preview: Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams at City Winery on 5/5/16

Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer Larry Campbell’s childhood playground came with a view of the 59th Street bridge in the Big Apple; actress and musician Teresa Williams grew up in the midst of a West Tennessee cotton patch.    “We met when she hired me to play pedal steel in a band for a gig in New York City,” says Campbell.  “I was totally smitten, and soon after that, we got married.”
Two decades later, the pair, a match made in Americana music heaven, released their self-titled debut as a duo last June; the album, the musical equivalent to curling up with a handmade quilt that’s become a much-loved family heirloom, is phenomenal.  “We’ve always had a strong musical rapport, but for the first five years of our marriage, we were playing different projects,” explains Campbell. “I went out on the road with Cyndi Lauper and then Bob Dylan, and Teresa was doing theater and other work.”

“Teresa and I have sung and played together all along, for the joy of it,” Campbell says.  “I would visit Larry on the road when he was with Dylan’s band, and we would sit in the back of the bus and work on songs together for fun,” says Williams.  “I grew up on country music, and whatever was on the radio, or whatever records my boyfriend had, and I always found it hard to choose one style over another.  At one Dylan concert I attended to see Larry play, I was so impressed that he was playing all different styles of music in his show.  It was like I got unspoken permission to do that too, it helped me overcome some boundaries.”“When I left Dylan’s band in 2004, Teresa had just finished up a project, and we were both home in New York. We started working up some tunes and played our first gig together in New York City,” adds Campbell.  After a phone call from friend Levon Helms, the pair ventured to Woodstock to make music with him.  “One thing led to another…we played in Levon’s band for a while, then in Hot Tuna, and Little Feat.  Working in Levon’s band gave us a chance to hone our own repertoire, and then it started taking on a life of its own.  We made decision to follow that path until it falls off a cliff somewhere,” says Campbell with a laugh.

“Music was around us all the time when I was growing up.  It was just what we did as a family.  As a kid, I never thought someone from the cotton patch could go on and make a career of music.  Plus, we get to be together!” Williams says with a laugh.  “We’ve been in this business our entire lives.  I’ve been a sideman and producer for so many artists, and I never thought much about doing my own thing, but once Teresa and I started doing this together, it was so compelling,” recalls Campbell.  “Doing what you love with the person you love, and then having people want to come see and hear it? That’s pretty cool.”

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