Album Review: Nate Currin – The Madman and the Poet

Nate Currin is a man’s man.   The kind of guy who was born with a beard and dirt under his fingernails. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to wrestle a grizzly bear or love someone tenderly with his entire self—an adventurer and a troubadour in the truest sense.  In his newest album, The Madman and the Poet, due out April 15th, Currin delivers 12 tracks exploring love, adventure, faith, and…horse thievery.

His emotively husky growl and knack for intricate yet relatable storytelling has wooed my eardrums into capitulation.  The desert-infused western tune “Ballad of a Horse Thief” is a fine example of his storytelling prowess; I can almost feel the warmth of a nearby campfire and hear the rattles of snakes in the dusty distance.  Currin waxes philosophical in his reflections on faith and wandering in gems like “Sinner or Saint” and “Let Grace Fall Down On Me”, a favorite for this listener; “God forgive me for all of my words/The words that I’ve uttered in doubt/Or the people I’ve cursed/God forgive me/For all of my pride/I wear my conceit like a robe/But I’ve nothing to hide” he sings tenderly over the strum of his acoustic guitar, as he seeks grace from the good Lord above.

Currin’s ability to give each track a distinct sound and personality is extraordinary; from ballads, to energetic train-inspired adventure songs, to gritty barn-burning bangers like “Another Love Song” referencing his Georgia roots, to slower, sentimental songs like “She Reminds Me”, there’s never a chance to get complacent when listening to this album, and that, my friends, is refreshing.

The title track, positioned squarely in the middle of record, could be a gracefully enchanting plea to a lover to choose him, or a passionate declaration of affection between a savior and a prodigal.  “Run away with me my love/Choose who you want to be/The world is not enough” he sings, and I think my heart just might break into a thousand beautiful pieces.

Don’t miss a chance to feast your ears on this treasure, but be prepared for the feels.  All of them.

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