Album Review: “Roanoke” by Roanoke

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.50.30 PMNashville, a.k.a. Music City, home of the Grand Ole Opry and of more household names than one can count, is also home to the next big thing (and soon-to-be household name)– Americana outfit Roanoke, who will release their self-titled debut on May 13th.   

Roanoke is a wondrous concoction of every good thing about the genre—intricate string arrangements, captivating lyrics, and stories that unfold through vocal beauty. This listener was instantly hooked by the album’s lead track, “Jordan”, a gospel-tinged dance between bright strings and lush harmonies.  Another highlight, “Heavy Goodbyes”, features heart-melting refrains, and skillful use of emotive instrumentation that gets all tangled up in the heartstrings.

With Americana music in the hands (and voices) of bands like Roanoke, roots and traditional country music are headed in the right direction; as a devotee of Americana, I can tell you, there’s not a better find than Roanoke.

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