Video Premiere: “Lady Belle” – The Danberrys

At the heart of The Danberrys is Ben DeBerry and Dorothy Daniel – a distinctive pair of artists from East Nashville, Tennessee, whose new album, Give & Receive, set for release on June 17th, draws from the deep traditions of bluegrass, old-time country, blues, and funk/soul.
The pair met each other in junior high, dated in high school, went their separate ways – and eventually ran into each other years later. Both playing music, Ben was inspired by the sound Dorothy had created in their time apart –now, after nearly ten years of marriage, the mix of each person’s individual interests has combined to create a humble sense of wonder and emotional sincerity in their music, rooted in a relationship that has always been strong even when they’ve been apart.
The songs on Give & Receive provide a passageway and safe haven for the engaged listener to explore their emotions – the music offers a broader palette of moods and sounds than existed on previous recordings, reflecting the organic maturation of two souls on a truly courageous and honest journey.
Mother Church Pew is proud to premiere the video for one such gem from the new album, “Lady Belle”; of the track, Dorothy says, “This song came to me all at once, words and all, but I didn’t really understand what it was about until much later. I looked up ‘Lady Belle’ a few months after I had already written the song and found out it’s a weed that people often mistake for a flower–they plant it in their gardens and it kills everything else. New Orleans provided the perfect backdrop for a song about the murky relationship between deception and truth and how the latter is always eventually revealed.”
Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Lady Belle” by The Danberrys:

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