Album Review: Wild Ponies – Radiant

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.41.50 PMWith their new album, Radiant, released today vis No Evil Records, Nashville’s Wild Ponies are the musical equivalent of Kentucky Derby thoroughbreds; with compelling lyrics, intriguing vocal stylings, and stellar guitar work on full display, Radiant is everything a country album should be–and more.
Doug and Telisha Williams use their skillful instrumentation as a canvas upon which to paint breathtaking lyrical pictures, one that is strong enough to support, but not overcome, the weight of the stories they tell, whether it’s social commentary or a murder ballad.  The title track’s yearning fiddle and ethereal vocals invoke moments of self-reflection and realization, and providing the perfect soundtrack for time spent lying on the grass to ponder the meaning of life.  The Billy Joel-esque “Unplug the Machine” reminds us of the dreadful events of the last few years, and rails against this foul decade’s events in a way that is always authentically original and never pretentious–something that makes this reviewer want to go and “unplug the machine” myself.
Music is powerful, and few are adept at harnessing that power with words and notes–Wild Ponies can, and they do on Radiant. 

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