Album Review: “Roanoke” by Roanoke

Nashville, a.k.a. Music City, home of the Grand Ole Opry and of more household names than one can count, is also home to the next big thing (and soon-to-be household name)-- Americana outfit Roanoke, who will release their self-titled debut on May 13th.    Roanoke is a wondrous concoction of every good thing about the... Continue Reading →

Interview: Roanoke

“I am so passionate about Americana music; it’s true and honest and raw. We're inspired by the storytelling and instrumentation of it--it’s country, it’s blues, it’s folk, there are so many elements to Americana,” explains Taylor Dupuis, vocalist of Nashville-based folkicana outfit Roanoke.  “I initially hadn’t thought about pursuing folk or Americana music, but I... Continue Reading →

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