“Swimming Song” – New Music from Haroula Rose

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, composer, and filmmaker, Haroula Rose, is readying her newest album, Here Blue River, for release in 2016 via Thirty Tigers.  Prior to the record’s release, she has recorded several covers including a plucky, banjo-led bluegrass inspired version of Loudon Wainwright, III’s folk classic “Swimming Song.”

Snag a listen to her beautiful rendition:

Her forthcoming LP, Here The Blue River, heralds a sound that has evolved from the traditional acoustic folk of her debut, These Open Roads, into more developed, full arrangements reminiscent of Daniel Lanois’ production if he could have worked with Judee Sill or Townes Van Zandt — a couple of Haroula’s main inspirations for the album.  Here The Blue River is a phrase in an Emerson poem entitled The River that encapsulates the theme: nothing lasts forever. Rose explains, “This is definitely a relationship record, in that it’s about how our relationships are also about relationship to ourselves, how we relate to nature, how we are alienated from it, how we seek to understand these mysteries that surround us….how as human beings we create and we destroy things.”

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