Interview: First Pope

Photo – Tim Voeten

Up-and-coming Irish alt-folk artist Fabian Molloy, who performs under the moniker “First Pope,” has recently unveiled a brand new original song entitled “In The Dark.”  The song features Molloy’s beautiful tenor and intriguingly poignant song-crafting skills, leaving the listener only wanting more.  Fortunately, Molloy has promised to release more music my the year’s end; he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about his history, his music, and being “lucky number 13:”
Mother Church Pew:  Can you share a little about your musical history, and tell us what made you decide to pursue music?

First Pope:  My musical journey began in asking Santa for a drum kit when I was about eleven years old – from that point on my interest in music only grew and grew.  I played drums and percussion solely throughout the years but it wasn’t until around four years ago that I started to learn guitar, and then began writing songs maybe a year afterwards.  Since then, I’ve spent the past four years honing my skills, writing and playing while at the same time concreting my specific style.  The creation of music is something I’ve always loved and found freedom within – that is the feeling that made me realise it was the right thing for me to pursue.

MCP:  Who and/or what has most influenced your sound?

FP:  I can never pin down one thing or person that has influenced my sound the most as I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music – I grew up listening to rap & hip-hop through my older brothers, and folk & country through my parents.  A simple & minimalistic approach is probably one thing I can say influences my sound as a whole the most – when it comes to arrangement I try not to distract from the sound as a whole by including contrasting melodies or rhythms, but layer simple parts which are like the glue that moulds each part to form the whole sound.

MCP:  What inspired you to write your song “In The Dark”?

FP:  What inspired me to write “In The Dark” was the fear of not knowing whether or not the path you’ve been lead down by someone will lead to good or bad experiences.  It’s when you’ve committed so much of yourself to something you expect to last and feel vulnerable then to it because it can be unsure at times.  I think I do, and many people, fear being vulnerable and the song comes from that – it’s asking that someone to comfort you and ease that fear.

MCP:  You’ve got music on the way before the end of the year, can you give us any inside information on what we can expect?

FP:  I think you can expect it to grab your heart and dangle it off a cliff, all the while keeping your knees and head in rhythmic movement.  Before the end of the year I’ll be releasing my debut single off of my coming EP.  I’ve been working for some time on songs which feel ready to record now and are representative of myself and what I’m doing musically.  My single will be a prime example of the caliber you can expect from me throughout the future.

MCP:  What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

FP:  I’m sure there are many things, but probably most surprising is that I am the youngest of thirteen children – lucky number thirteen.


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