Premiere: “Tennessee Years” by Melanie Brulée

Photo credit: Emma Lee Nashville and Toronto-based Melanie Brulée will release her new album Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind on October 19th. Today, she unveils her new single “Tennessee Years.” A western-tinged meandering tune with understated flourishes of yearning pedal steel, “Tennessee Years” is a comforting fireside tribute to her one-and-only—a love song by... Continue Reading →

Interview: Blue Cactus

“The older folks have a nostalgia for what we’re doing, it’s familiar to them. The younger people will tell us they don’t like country, but they really like our music,” laughs Steph Stewart, who, along with Mario Arnez, comprise matching Western gear-wearing classic country duo Blue Cactus. Stewart, who credits her grandfather for influencing her... Continue Reading →

Interview: Jacob Davich

As a child, Jacob Davich made a splash on the big screen in movies like The Aviator, Mr. Woodcock, and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl—now, his star is shining in the music realm. “I was in the game pretty seriously for about 10 years, but there came a point when it just didn’t interest... Continue Reading →

Off The Stage: James Apollo

For most casual fans of music, the forty-five minutes that a band spends on the stage is all they can see. However, when the guitar cases are closed and the venue’s floor is littered with empty beer cans and trash, most bands load their gear into the van and return back to their normal lives.... Continue Reading →

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