Video Premiere: “Driver” by Michael Braunfeld

In 2000, award-winning singer-songwriter Michael Braunfeld hung up his guitar and stopped making music to focus on his family; after his years-long hiatus, Braunfeld began to rebuild his career from scratch and released two EPs followed by a live album, Full Circle, in 2015. On March 22nd, Braunfeld unveiled Driver, an expansive 13-song set that he... Continue Reading →

Interview: Boo Ray

“I moved to Nashville with a girl so she could join the roller derby,” declares Boo Ray, in probably the best statement ever uttered at the beginning of an interview.  The North Carolina-bred countrified rocker, who splits his time between both sides of the country, calls the Music City home base. Making rowdy records that... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Yarn – This Is The Year

The only sure thing is change, some say;  some also say there’s a season for everything.  North Carolina-based Americountry outfit Yarn says this is the season for change, and have chronicled it on their scrumptious new album, This Is The Year, set for release on May 27th. “Oh Carolina, won’t you rescue my heart/It’s barely... Continue Reading →

Interview: Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana

When one thinks of the Detroit music scene, garage rock is generally what comes to mind.  Not so in the case of Americana outfit Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana.  “There’s a home for any kind of music you want to play in Detroit; there’s a huge garage rock scene here, but there are country... Continue Reading →

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