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  • MCP’s 2016 Year-End Roundup

    MCP’s 2016 Year-End Roundup

    Many sites have crafted all manner of “Best Of 2016” lists, reviews, and other musical offerings–we decided not to partake this year, because honestly, we go to great lengths to feature only the best music all year long–and what a year it’s been! In 2016, Mother Church Pew reviewed over 40 stellar releases from amazing […]



    Happy Friday friends! Today, we have a big announcement to make: This month marks the one year anniversary of the birth of Mother Church Pew, and what an exciting year it has been! We’ve experienced an overwhelming outpouring of support from so many of you, and it has been an awesome adventure. To celebrate, we’ve partnered […]

  • “Matter & Time” – New Album from Bill Eberle

    “Matter & Time” – New Album from Bill Eberle

    Nashville-based folk-rocker Bill Eberle makes us swoon here at Mother Church Pew, and his debut album, Matter & Time, is out now. While Matter & Time is a folk record that pays tribute to the genre’s traditions, it definitely moves into new and exciting territory (in fact, Rolling Stone Country recently named him an “Artist You Need To Know”). Produced […]

  • Interview: Bill Eberle

    Interview: Bill Eberle

    Bill Eberle’s got “it”—“it” being that refreshingly relevant alt-country swagger, certified with a raspy voice full of grit and life experience, songwriting chops that are way beyond his years, and the ability to make people sit up, take notice, and respect the genre.  Yep, I said it. On February 12th, he unleashed Ashes, a five-song […]

  • “Too Late To Take It Back” – New Music from Bill Eberle

    “Too Late To Take It Back” – New Music from Bill Eberle

    We hear a lot of fine music around here at Mother Church Pew, but a tune appeared in the inbox yesterday that made this girl sit straight up in her seat, tune her ears to full attention, and halt the hustle and bustle until the last note came though the earbuds.  The song is called “Too […]