“Too Late To Take It Back” – New Music from Bill Eberle

We hear a lot of fine music around here at Mother Church Pew, but a tune appeared in the inbox yesterday that made this girl sit straight up in her seat, tune her ears to full attention, and halt the hustle and bustle until the last note came though the earbuds.  The song is called “Too Late To Take It Back” by Nashville-based folk rocker Bill Eberle, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, your life is incomplete.

Eberle, fearless and armed with folk songwriting chops far surpassing his years, pulls inspiration from sources both classical and wildly contemporary, and doesn’t back away from lyrics reflecting on our troubled times.  True to both his roots and the current moment, the songwriter combines profundity with infectious melodies, drawing the listener in deeper with every song.

The impossibly catchy “Too Late To Take It Back” is a break-up tale for the ages and the first taste of his debut EP Ashes, which will be available everywhere February 12th.  Eberle’s got grit in his voice and soulful twang barreling out of his guitar, you won’t be able to get enough.  Go ahead, give it a listen:


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