MCP Picks: The Best Albums of 2017

With the new year knocking at our door and calling us forward, we can't forget all the goodness that 2017 had to offer--maybe not so much culturally or politically, but there were definitely some damn fine albums released this year. MCP highlights ten releases that made an indelible impression on us--drum roll please! Andrew Combs... Continue Reading →

Best of 2015: Lord Huron – Strange Tales

It is easy to get lost in Strange Tales, the sophomore effort from Lord Huron. With a narrative essentially built around the plot of Oregon Trail, Ben Schneider's 14-song tale navigates across rivers, through the wilderness, discussing the importance of honor and dignity during the exploration of new lands, with hints of broken hearts and loneliness in... Continue Reading →

Best Of 2015: Darlingside – Birds Say

Darlingside isn’t shy about their crush on the 1960’s. If we're being frank, the opening track “The Ancestor” from Birds Say could easily have found its way onto Brian Wilson’s Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds. Like Wilson, the band brings to the table an understanding of instruments that most never possess. Heavily trained in cello... Continue Reading →

Best of 2015: Chris Stapleton – Traveller

If there was any question whether or not country music was in the process of purging the crossover glitter-pop and bro-country image that it had rolled into Nashville, Chris Stapleton answers it defiantly. With a broad-shouldered look and a voice to match, Stapleton’s joined a generation of “outlaw country” artists, hell-bent on taking back music row.... Continue Reading →

Best of 2015: Hailey Whitters – Black Sheep

Hailey Winters is as charismatic as a complicated, no-bullshit girl can possibly be. Headstrong and confident, she sarcastically blazes through snarky lyrics, unapologetically punctuating her bullet points. With an unstoppable one-two punch of angelic voice and devilish charm, Whitters bats her eyes while flipping you off in a way that could make Johnny Cash proud. With a... Continue Reading →

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