Best of 2015: The Oh Hellos – Hello Wormwood

Layered and complex, The Oh Hellos are a riddle inside of a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum. A constellation of Damien Rice tones, Manchester Orchestra energy, and Nickel Creek riffs, The Oh Hellos are complicated enough before even diving in to their conceptual side. Throw C.S. Lewis and his satiric Screwtape Letters into the mix and you might have the year’s most commendable and ambitious endeavor of 2015.

With an electrifying energy, complex ideas, sails, and calms that both accentuate and hide behind the musical journey that is Dear Wormwood, The Oh Hellos flawlessly serve as the architects of how the bridge between Americana and indie should be built. With melodic voices that run parallel with mandolin and banjo qualities, often used almost as an additional accent tone, Dear Wormwood wedges itself into the listener’s head fantastically and charismatically.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the devastatingly addicting Dear Wormwood here:

You can buy Hello Wormwood here: iTunes

Joshua Hammond

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