Best of 2015: John Fatum – Locked Up In My Mind

Although Locked Up In My Mind comes off as effortless on the surface, it possesses a deeper sound that John Fatum intentionally created. Recorded through a vintage 4-track in a New York apartment, the DIY sound recalls  a flawless 1970’s singer-songwriter style far too often shoved aside or relegated to the “classic rock” stations.

With an infusion of blues, jazz, and roots peppered throughout Locked Up In My Mind, the album shows the diversity that Fatum (and his brother Michael) have become known for. “Pounding of the Rain” for example is an obvious tribute to the gospel influences of the family’s heritage. Precisely placed piano mixed with a steady ambiance of guitar and harmonica allow Fatum to create a new chapter in his autobiography, as the instrumentals, which have always been the spotlight of his jazz orchestrations, become accessories that accentuate his raw and straightforward lyrics.

Honestly, it would be better to just let the album speak for itself. Check out Locked Up In My Mind here:

Links to buy the album can be found here:

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