Best of 2015: Lord Huron – Strange Tales

It is easy to get lost in Strange Tales, the sophomore effort from Lord Huron. With a narrative essentially built around the plot of Oregon Trail, Ben Schneider’s 14-song tale navigates across rivers, through the wilderness, discussing the importance of honor and dignity during the exploration of new lands, with hints of broken hearts and loneliness in the mix as well. Slightly more polished than Lonesome Dream, Lord Huron has pushed themselves to a new chapter in the band’s catalog. Adding a swell of exciting electronic elements to their arsenal of acoustic arrangements, Schneider and company have essentially built a blossoming personal outlet into an epic concept band.

Lord Huron is remarkable in the way that can master both bubbly and sobering songwriting. For example, on Strange Tales, “Until The Night” seizes a tremendously infectious and vigorous sound. The verses spring from the speakers charmingly, despite the rigid lyrical content. The song is a total contrast to the a track such as “Fools in Love,” which slowly creeps into a Bruce Springsteen “I’m On Fire”-style riff with fundamentals of Noah and the Whale assorted throughout. Although both tracks represent the overall ambitious energy of the album, the diversity of the total sum of Strange Tales is a credit not only to the band that Lord Huron are, but also the band they intent to be in the future. If the growth from Lonesome Dream to Strange Tales is any indication of where the band is headed, we’re in for quite the ride.

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