The Pew Playlist: July 17, 2020

A new Spotify playlist rounding up the best new Americana. Sit back, relax, and take a listen.

Loyal readers of Mother Church Pew will be familiar with the Pew Playlist.

It’s been a regular feature of the blog and a fan favorite. It’s also a lot of fun to put together because I get to listen to a ton of new music.

So what’s better than sitting by myself listening to new Americana songs? Sharing them with you of course! With the power of Spotify, that’s become a whole heck of a lot easier.

The Pew Playlist will (eventually) feature 50 fresh Americana tracks.

It’s a weekly curated list. Ten new songs are added each week and stay on the list for 5 weeks. (We’re a couple songs short this week, but we’ll make it up to you!)

Every Friday, I’ll share some info about each artist in a post on the Mother Church Pew Blog. Don’t worry. I will put the link to the playlist first in case you just want to jump right in. However, make sure to come back to see more about each artist and how you can connect with them on social media.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Pew Playlist presented in the order they were added to the list.  Music is sorted for an enjoyable “mixtape” experience, but feel free to shuffle it up!

“A Stone Will Sink”  –  Market Junction

From the first attention-grabbing notes to its fading ending, “A Stone Will Sink” is a folk-infused, alt-country jam worthy of being on everyone’s playlists. While the broken-hearted lyrics come from a place of lost love, they can just as easily apply to the loss that so many are feeling in the forced isolation of the pandemic. All of it is put together with a production smoothness that demands to be noticed.

Photo Credit: Jason Allison

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“Bullet Through The Wind”  –  SZLACHETKA –

Self-doubt is pushed away with courage in SZLACHETKA’s single “Bullet Through the Wind.” As the fire in the lyrics build, the song leads to a powerful guitar solo, highlighting the singer’s resolute step forward in uncertain times.

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“The Wanderer and the Outcast”  –  Sea of Fog

On first listen, you’ll notice the wispy instrumentation that sets a gentle landscape. Later, you will realize that it’s the haunting vocals that give this song a magical touch. “The Wanderer and the Outcast” feels like a classic bard’s tale rooted in ancient times benefiting from anachronistic touches of electric guitar.

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“Thunderstorms”  –  Evan Ogden

Ogden draws inspiration from the classics–sounds he first heard on his grandfather’s records–yet he embraces enough of a modern touch to cross generations. — See our full premiere

Evan Ogden Thunderstorms Profile Picture

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“Dead Squirrel in the Tractor Pool”  –  Sara Rachele

Where introspective poetry meets hauntingly-expressive vocals, you’ll find the art of Sara Rachele. The isolated guitar, intertwined with Rachele’s pleading, yet defiant vocal delivery, makes you stop in your tracks and pulls you into her world.

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“Hometown Boys”  –  Brian Callihan

Callihan’s voice beautifully embodies the idea of a “hometown boy,” outwardly stoic, inwardly complex, and full of heart – it has the ability to transport us to times on the outskirts of memory, but ones we’re glad we haven’t forgotten. — See our full Premiere

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“Muddy Water”  –  The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

The band is back with new tunes – their latest, “Muddy Water,” was inspired by the waterways and landscapes of the Midwest, and is a call to reject materialism and embrace nature. — See our full video Premiere

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“When You Don’t Fight”   –  Darlin Brando (FT. EDITH FRENI)

With its playful pedal steel and classic country feel, “When You Don’t Fight” is the soundtrack for a two-stepper’s honky-tonk heaven. — See our full Premiere

Darlin Brando

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