Video Premiere: “Muddy Water” by The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

Photo Credit: Grant Westhoff

Over the years, Mother Church Pew has had the privilege of getting to know Los Angeles-based collective The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – we even did a live session with them in our favorite tattoo shop in Nashville. Now, the band is back with new tunes – their latest, “Muddy Water,” was inspired by the waterways and landscapes of the Midwest, and is a call to reject materialism and embrace nature. And really, what better time to get back to nature than now, even though nature is currently showing us its own personal gun show, but, I digress. 

The verses feature languid pedal steel by guest musician Jeremy Long, eliciting the serenity one can feel by just sitting next to a river.  To capture the choruses, producer Matt Wignall arranged the singers in various horseshoe shapes around his “costs more than your entire album” U47 clone condenser mic. “I’ve been baptized in the Muddy Water, Hallelujah!” The chorus rings out,  emphasizing that sometimes you just need to turn your back on civilization and run straight into the arms of the woods.

“The music video was mostly shot on one of these ‘escapes’ out into nature,” says guitarist Jeremy Horton. A drive “way out to Arkansas” to shoot a bonafide Midwest river was out of the question, so Horton and bandleader Will Wadsworth packed up their fishing rods, gunned up the I-5 past Bakersfield, and headed into the southernmost part of the Sierra Nevadas to the Kern River.  The video also includes some live footage taken at one of the bands’ last shows before the shutdown at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles filmed by Britney Cherry.  

The video is a welcome glimpse of adventure and life before the ‘Rona, while the song showcases the band’s signature vocal power, foot-stomping rhythms, and all-around irresistibility, and We. Are. Here. For. It.

Without further ado, MCP proudly presents “Muddy Water,” the new video from The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers:

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