Premiere: “When You Don’t Fight” by Darlin’ Brando (ft. Edith Freni)

After college, Virginia-bred songwriter and drummer Brandon Goldstein, who makes music under the moniker Darlin’ Brando, found his tribe amongst the thriving Los Angeles country and Americana music scene, drumming for local artists and honing his songwriting craft. Many moves and a divorce later, Goldstein found himself in Nashville at a low point where he decided to conquer his mess of personal demons and introduce the world to Darlin’ Brando.  Playing drums with neo-traditional country artist, Tommy Ash, and frequenting off-Broadway honky-tonk gems like the American Legion Post 82 and The Nashville Palace was both therapy for Darlin’ Brando and research for Also Too…, his forthcoming debut set for release on June 19th.

Today, Darlin’ Brando, who is once again stationed in Los Angeles, unveils the second single from the album, “When You Don’t Fight,” which features backing vocals from his new wife, playwright, Edith Freni. “Edith contributed to the writing as well,” he says. “This is supposed to be our sassy Tammy and George or Conway and Loretta duet with the music to match.”

“‘When You Don’t Fight’ is a PSA offering bad relationship advice,” he continues. “One of my ex-girlfriends used to complain that I avoided confrontation and arguments — both of which, I get, are signs of a healthy partnership. I thought it would be funny to write a song that takes that idea to an extreme and endorses verbal sparring matches in public and fighting tooth and nail to get in the last word.”

With its playful pedal steel and classic country feel, “When You Don’t Fight” is the soundtrack for a two-stepper’s honky-tonk heaven. It’s time to pull on your Wranglers and ropers, hop in the truck, fire up the CB radio, and tell Smokey that Darlin’ Brando is on the move.

“When You Don’t Fight” is out on May 22nd, but you can check it out here first:

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