Premiere: “Brother” by Michael Colton

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Siblings share a unique situational bond; they’re the people we practice on, how we learn to co-exist with others, how we learn to share, how we practice cooperation and understand fairness, and how we learn to love. Even when close proximity is no longer a factor, no one shares the same experiences with you like siblings do. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Michael Colton captures this in his new single, “Brother.”

“‘Brother’ came to me when my wife and I were talking about having a second kid,” he explains. “At first, I was on the fence and it was my relationship with my brother that made up my mind.  My brother and I live pretty far away from each other and we don’t talk as much as either of us would like but I kept thinking that whenever we get together it’s like no time has passed.  The part that really drove the nail home for me was the idea that when both of our parents pass away (they’re still with us) he’s literally the only person I shared that part of my life with,” he continues. “I realized that I wanted that for our son.”

Colton’s heartfelt sentiment is poignantly delivered within the grooves of “Brother,” the second track from his forthcoming EP set for release in 2020. His deep, rich vocals coupled with ringing acoustic guitar tones invoke something just short of sacred, a soothing balm for hearts that miss the comfort of ones we hold dear. 

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Brother” by Michael Colton:

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