Video Premiere: “Silence, A Stranger” by The Arcadian Wild


In Nashville, you can’t eat at one of our renowned restaurants, drink crafted caffeine at one of our beautiful coffee shops, or really, even cross the street without encountering someone who makes music. This is what makes sense in the Music City, where community connects around creativity. The Arcadian Wild has one of those classic “Nashville” stories–the band began in the fall of 2013 when a few choir students from Nashville’s Lipscomb University met up after class to jam for the afternoon. Blending a diverse set of influences and backgrounds which meet at the crossroads of traditional folk and progressive bluegrass, The Arcadian Wild makes music that resonates deep within the soul.

On Friday, May 3rd, the band will release their new album Finch In The Pantry via AntiFragile Music, an 11-track collection of invitations, calling listeners to come and see, to find rest and refuge, imparting strength to all to continue on this journey of life with wide-eyed wonder. Today, the band unveils the video for album track “Silence, a Stranger.”

“’Silence, a Stranger” is a reflection on our hesitation and resistance to disconnect from the ceaseless motion and noise of the world around us,” the band reveals. “It’s scary to allow silence and stillness to lead us into our own private, inner world, where nothing can distract us from truly seeing ourselves as we are. Quiet and contemplation can be painful, but they’re helpful companions, and we may lose ourselves if we don’t befriend them.” The video was filmed by Clay Mortensen and Andrew Chandler in one take at the Historic Longview Mansion in Nashville.

 With its spine-tingling harmony and silky-stringed execution, “Silence, a Stranger” is the sonic version of a familiar place, offering nuggets of truth and refuge in its verses, raw talent at its finest. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Silence, a Stranger,” the new video from The Arcadian Wild:

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