Premiere: “Mrs. Bluebird” by Ben Lubeck


Mental illness is not a choice and refusing to acknowledge that it’s a problem is oftentimes more exhausting than living with it. Today’s headlines are rife with stories of celebrity suicides, and for every one of those tragedies, there are countless others from all walks of life who deal with mental health issues in silence. The only way to combat the shame and stigma is to shine a light on it, to step into courage and share the struggle with others. Singer/songwriter Ben Lubeck does just this in his new single “Mrs. Bluebird.”

“The song ‘Mrs. Bluebird’ takes a darker turn and peels back some of the many layers of mental illness and depression that have plagued countless families as well as my own,” he explains of the song, “The disease can impact generation after generation, and my hope is to limit its grasp for my own children as much as I can while also giving them tools to work through the pain.” The raw emotion and pain of “Mrs. Bluebird” is tempered by the hopeful tenderness of Lubeck’s vocal delivery and the gentle, melodic arrangement of the song.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Mrs. Bluebird” by Ben Lubeck:


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