Premiere: “Man Like Me” by Greg Felden


Photo: Tyler Graim

Life’s path is rarely straightforward, and sometimes, getting lost and discovering new ways to travel can be a beautiful experience. Los Angeles-based artist Greg Felden sings about this in his new single, “Man Like Me,” a track from his forthcoming debut LP Made of Strings, set for release on June 14th.

“When we’re young, we have ideas about who we are or who we’ll become,” Felden explains. “As we get older, we realize not only that we’ll go in different directions than we thought, but that we’re many different people in one, and the chapters of our lives can feel very different. That can be both a lonely thing and an empowering thing. And ultimately we’re just one in a chain of many.”

Felden’s music is influenced by folk and country artists he admired as he grew up, as well as the indie songwriters of his native Pacific Northwest. Whether delivered via gentle ballads or rock n’ roll, Made Of Strings focuses on what it means to be a human–finding our place in the universe, love, and making sense of it all. The ten raw and heartfelt tunes of Made of Strings are dedicated to Samantha Morris, Felden’s girlfriend who was fighting cancer during the recording and passed away just after the record was finished.

As the great folk poets who’ve come before, Felden holds a lyrical mirror in which we can examine our reflections and ideas. With the straightforward storytelling and unfussy production of “Man Like Me,” his wistful take on life’s varied directions offers a glimmer of hope–the only constant is change, and that’s okay.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Man Like Me” by Greg Felden:


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