Premiere: “She Is Waiting” by The Prescriptions

Everyone needs a healthy dose of folk rock to round out their musical appetites, and The Prescriptions are just what the doctor ordered. The seeds of the group were sown in the tight-knit music scene of Birmingham, Alabama, but the band began to bloom in the Nashville creative community. Composed of members Hays Ragsdale, Parker McAnnally, John Wood, and Chris Luebeck, the band is working on their first full-length album. Today, they unveil a new single, “She Is Waiting.”
“She Is Waiting is the first song we ever played as a band, and it’s also the song that brought us all together,” says bassist McAnnally. “We all found our common shared influences in Hays’ writing, and in this song learned how to collaborate together for the very first time. When it came time to record, we snuck into the Sound Emporium on Easter Sunday when the rest of Nashville was preoccupied to capture it in the same amazing room which has hosted and facilitated the creative process of record making for some of our biggest heroes and inspirations.” “With me being the later addition to the band, it’s the song I first heard on the early recordings which made me want to be a part of The Prescriptions,” adds guitarist Luebeck. “It was the project I had always dreamt to be a part of.”
With its bright harmonica-laced refrains, understated organ sizzles, and vintage, wide-open road feel, “She Is Waiting” is sunshine from beginning to end. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “She Is Waiting” by The Prescriptions:

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[If you’re in the Nashville area, The Prescriptions will be providing opening support for fellow folk rockers Arts Fishing Club on October 11th, info HERE.]

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