“You Can’t Steal My Shine” – New Music from The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

It’s been a while since a song has made us want to jump up from our seats, throw our hands in the air, and shout hallelujah, but that’s exactly what “You Can’t Steal My Shine” from The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band accomplishes.

“Like a star in the sky I shine, the darker the night the brighter the light, you can’t steal my shine, I shine too bright, you can’t dim my light,” Rev hollers, over a foot-stomping blend of stanky slide guitar, tambourine shakes, a zipper-y washboard, and Pentecostal drum rhythms, and dadgum, it feels good.

“This one was inspired by those people that stick around in a relationship long after they know they don’t want to be there, and cheat and lie and hurt people, instead of owning up, being honest, and moving on,” Rev says of the tune. “I wanted this one to feel like a dance song from the Chess Records era.”

With their delicious blend of classic country-blues, featuring the foremost finger-picking steel guitar player in the Rev, the sensational rhythm and vocal accompaniment of “Washboard Breezy,” Rev’s wife of 15 years, who has played by his side since the band’s inception and is known for setting her washboard on fire, Jimi Hendrix-style, the band sets the scene ablaze. Their album Poor Until Payday was released on October 5th, and “You Can’t Steal My Shine” is our favorite. Take a listen:

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Susan Hubbard

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