Video Premiere: “Still Summer Sky” by Surrender Hill

On their recently released album, Tore Down Fences, husband and wife roots rock duo Surrender Hill venture into grittier lyrical territory and explore the past. Delivered from the perspective of lovers who have weathered many storms, individually and together, they look back on what’s been overcome, those fences that have been torn down.

Today, the band unleashes the new video for album track “Still Summer Sky,” a snapshot of young love. “This song sometimes comes across as a ‘lost love’ song, which it partially is, but I wrote it more as a portrait of an ideal love story. A soul mate,” explains Afton Seekins. “I had just watched The Notebook,” she adds with a laugh. “’Still Summer Sky’ was one of the first songs I ever wrote and certainly the first love song. I honestly think it was a manifestation for me to find this sort of love.”

The video, shot at Eastwood Studios in East Nashville, features in-studio footage of Seekins and husband Robin Dean Salmon recording “Still Summer Sky.”  “We want people to feel good,” says Salmon of the video. “About love and life and what’s possible.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Still Summer Sky,” the new video from Surrender Hill:

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