“This Old Town”–New Music from Grace Gonzalez

Establishing roots can be an amazing thing, but sometimes, those roots will keep you from growing wings to fly. Nashville-based Americountry artist Grace Gonzalez sings about her choice to fly in her new single, “This Old Town.” “It’s all about the choice I made within myself to pursue my passion over a nine to five job. As the chorus says, “If I gave a damn about Abrahams, I wouldn’t be here strummin’,” she explains, and she dedicates the song to those who choose that passionate path. “This life is so short and I want to spend my few days here trying to do what I love,” she adds. “I hope that the song inspires others to do the same.”

“I was absolutely obsessed with the warm, organic sound that Trina Shoemaker brought to Brandi Carlile’s ‘Firewatcher’s Daughter’ and ‘Bear Creek.’ I knew that she was the producer that I wanted to work with,” Gonzalez reveals of her Shoemaker. “A bunch of amazingly talented musicians including members from Nashville’s rock-soul band, Waker, went down to Dauphin Street Sound in Mobile, Alabama to record the songs with me.”

“This Old Town” is an inspired pick-me-up; Gonzalez’ fresh and endearing voice captivates from the first note as she draws us in to tell us an age-old story.

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