MCP On Location: Bonnaroo 2019

Americana music has experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years, both in fanbase and styles included within the genre.  With such expansion, it comes as little surprise that many U.S. music festivals have started including more Americana acts on… Continue Reading

Album Review: Brandi Carlile – By The Way, I Forgive You

The combination of great songwriting and great singing causes a chemical reaction in the brain–not that lightbulb, ah-ha kind of moment, but a subtle click that causes an ensuing tsunami of emotion and harmony that works so well together, you… Continue Reading

“This Old Town”–New Music from Grace Gonzalez

Establishing roots can be an amazing thing, but sometimes, those roots will keep you from growing wings to fly. Nashville-based Americountry artist Grace Gonzalez sings about her choice to fly in her new single, “This Old Town.” “It’s all about… Continue Reading

Album Review: Connor Zwetsch – What Comes After EP

If Connor Zwetsch were an author, her What Comes After EP would undoubtably be her Of Mice and Men.  Extremely raw and emotionally honest in the most selfless kind of way, Zwetsch navigates a course which weaves through the cluttered and belittled… Continue Reading