“O Holy Night” – New Music from Nicole Atkins

Sooooooooo how about there are only like six weeks until Christmas, which I didn’t really realize until today (okay, maybe I chose not to realize and am living totally in denial)–that means it’s time for the season’s best Christmas tunes from some of our favorite artists, and we’re definitely not in denial about that.

Our first offering of the 2017 holiday season is Nicole Atkins‘ soulful spin on “O Holy Night,” which appears on Amazon Music’s “Christmas Soul” playlist, available exclusively for streaming on Amazon Music—both Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music—beginning on November 24th. Of the song, Atkins says: “’O Holy Night’ has always been my favorite Christmas song. The first time I heard it, I burst into tears because it was so powerful. I think it was the first time I cried from music taking me over. I always wanted to record this song in a style that made it more human in a way that it could bring the message to the angels from the earth rather than the song already residing up in heaven.”

Atkins had a big year–with her stellar release Goodnight Rhonda Lee, out in July via Single Lock Records, sobriety, and a successful touring season under her proverbial belt, Atkins is ruling 2017, and we LOVE it. This one’s been on repeat, injecting some early holiday sparkle into this chilly, gloomy day in Nashville. Give it a spin:


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