Premiere: “Calling California” by Ross Livermore

Nashville-based rockicana artist Ross Livermore knows what it means to work hard; raised in blue-collar Peabody, Massachusetts in a house that doubled as an architecture firm and a hair salon, Livermore was inspired by his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit. He learned early on that “if you practice, put the time in and are honest with yourself, the music will find its rightful place.”

Influenced by everyone from Incubus to the Rev. Al Green himself, Livermore has spent much time honing his soulful sound and gaining road-born confidence along the way. His latest EP, This Is Not Forever, set for release on December 15th, is a prime example of this convergence of sound and swagger. Featuring an all-star band and recorded live to tape at Nashville’s famed Welcome To 1979 studio, This Is Not Forever deftly combines ethereal soul-pop, classic R&B and Tedeschi/Trucks inspired blues, delivered in his powerful tenor, and brimming with optimism. To put it frankly, this man can sang.

Though he was an artist long before he was a Nashvillian, This Is Not Forever marks a new chapter for Livermore, and houses rootsy grit and driving rhythms. Today, he unleashes his new song, “Calling California,” and its accompanying in-studio performance video.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Calling California” by the sultan of rock n’ soul, Ross Livermore:

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