Premiere: “Durango River” by The Railsplitters

Colorado-based boundary-pushing bluegrass outfit The Railsplitters will release their new album, Jump In, on November 10th, one which builds upon the progressive sound of their 2015 releaseThe Faster It Goes. Hours spent on the road gave the band a chance to listen to a broad range of music to pass the time driving between shows—everything from classic country to hip hop—which has shown up in their songwriting.

“Many of these songs are literally about jumping in- taking chances and doing what feels right, in spite of any initial reservations,” says mandolin player Pete Sharpe. “We still have the typical instrumentation of a five-piece bluegrass band, but our sound is very different. We’re fully embracing our uniqueness, and seeing how far we can push things while still playing everything acoustically.”

Today, The Railsplitters unleash Jump In track “Durango River.” “I was changing strings on my banjo while the others were cooking dinner,” recalls banjoist Dusty Rider of a band hang with friends in Durango, Colorado. “There was some background music playing on the radio and something that was playing trigged an idea for a tune. I named it after the city we were in and the name of the little boy whose parents we were staying with, named River.”

“Durango River” embodies the wide-open freedom of their Colorado home, with its cinematic, yet natural beauty reflected in each sound. Individualism is not sacrificed in this band; each note is distinct yet blends seamlessly with the whole. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Durango River” by The Railsplitters:

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