Premiere: “The Fisherman” by Sarah Lou Richards

Inspired by the story unfurled in “The Lacemakers Of Glen Mara“ by Heather Barbieri, Nashville twangy folkstress Sarah Lou Richards penned “The Fisherman,” a track from her new album, Someone Who Gets Me, set for release on September 29th.

Set in a small fishing community on the coast of Ireland, the story revolves around a group of women who make lace together as they worry about their seafaring husbands. “This track, like the whole album, shares a piece of me,” Richards explains. “A fisherman I am not, but I am an avid reader and love getting lost in stories. I connected to the feelings of worry for a loved one,” she adds. “With producer Adrian Suarez leading the way, this song came to life.”

Written in Nashville and recorded in Minneapolis, the highly personal Someone Who Gets Me finds Richards making the biggest, boldest music of her career as she builds upon the sound she began developing in 2007, after the Wisconsin native moved to Nashville. Richards dove headfirst into a mix of mainstream country (Miranda Lambert, Bonnie Raitt) and left-of-center Americana singers (Ryan Adams, Brandi Carlile, Patty Griffin), and felt right at home between the two.

“The Fisherman” is tenderly delivered—its layered vocal harmonies and ambient pedal steel bring unmistakable yearning to the surface of even the most stoic hearts. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “The Fisherman” by Sarah Lou Richards:

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  1. Beautiful, I see the ocean, a cottage with a rocking chair and fire in the fireplace…your song puts me there…the sound moves through me like i am feeling the ocean breeze…thank you Lou Lou ♥️

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