Premiere: “When Love Goes Right” by Susan Cattaneo (ft. Bill Kirchen)

Susan Cattaneo, longtime New England favorite and member of the beloved group The Boxcar Lillies, blends folk, rock, and blues with a strong dose of twang. Her new double album, The Hammer & The Heart, brims with everything from barn-burning rockers to heart wrenching ballads and features a staggering 41 special guests, including Americana stalwarts The Bottle Rockets, Bill Kirchen, Duke Levine, and Mark Erelli.

“Musicians make albums because albums allow you to tell a bigger story,” she says, “and this is the story of how I went from almost giving up to rediscovering the joy of making music – thanks to a wonderful community of musicians and friends.” Today, Cattaneo unleashes “When Love Goes Right,” a new single from the album, a slow-burning testament to true love.

“I wrote this song with Bill Kirchen,” she explains. “Most of love songs talk about either the rush of new love or breakups. Bill and I have been married to our respective spouses for a long time, and we decided to write a song that celebrates the beauty that comes with a love that’s sweetened and deepened with time,” she continues. “I was lucky enough to have him also sing and play on this song.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “When Love Goes Right” by Susan Cattaneo:

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