Premiere: “Tired Of Being Tired” by Todd Adelman and the Country Mile

Colorado-based singer/songwriter Todd Adelman will release his sixth full-length album, Time Will Tell, on May 12th; Adelman notes that the title sums up the album’s tracks.  “Though I named the album and wrote these songs a few years back, they are more pertinent than ever given the current state of affairs,” he said.  “This record straddles the line of looking at the past, questioning the present, and hoping for the future.”

Committed to the art of storytelling, Adelman finds inspiration as he goes about his daily life; album opener “Tired Of Being Tired,” is a commentary on overcommitment, and well, of being tired. “If there were a few words to describe this point in time and the place I and many of my peers am/are in, I would  use ‘distracted’ and ‘rushed,’ he explains. “Though I live in the hills amidst trees, Boulder is a frenetic place that reminds me more of my home city of New York than of what I moved here for back in 1989.  The town has changed and with it the way of life. This combined with the fact that I have 2 girls — 7 and 11, a day job, a wife, a non-profit, a recording studio, a gigging career, and at the core I am an artist, I find my plate overflowing,” he continues. “I switched jobs a few years back and was at odds with management.  I had been there a long time and felt mistreated and from that was born the first line of the song – ‘I’m tired of this chair.’  It has a double meaning actually — not only my physical chair at the office, but also the seat in which I sit in in the world.”

“Many artists these days, and probably always for that matter, struggle with the dichotomy of a double life and this is a piece of the message,” he adds. “I often think about a change of pace and relocating to a place with a slow pace and whether I do it while my kids are still at home or after they have gone, I expect it will happen.  At that point, I am sure I will write a song about boredom, lethargy and fishing.”

With his folksy-rock delivery and just the right amount of twang, Adelman and his band, The Country Mile, meet us where we are, and deliver something to which we can all relate. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Tired Of Tired” by Todd Adelman and the Country Mile:

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