“Forces Of Decay” – New Music from Rogue + Jaye

Los Angeles via Nashville singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye and Zach Rogue, frontman of the acclaimed Bay Area indie-rock band Rogue Wave, are pleased to announce Rogue + Jaye, the brand new musical partnership between the two–a collaboration which has been simmering since a fated songwriting session in December 2013. Now, the duo plan to release their debut album, Pent Up, this year.

Our first taste of the greatness to come is found in lead single, “Forces Of Decay,”a track about seeking out safety and security in an otherwise turbulent world. “’Forces Of Decay’ is about intimacy with another person protecting you from the chaos outside the door,” says Jaye. “The world, now more than ever, seems to be a dark and confusing place. But you can build an insular world that no one can touch when you have love in your life.”

The song, which features their beautifully-blended harmony is like a cool drink of acoustic water–deceptively simplistic, yet refreshing and uniquely satisfying. Give it a spin:

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