Interview: Rogue + Jaye

Los Angeles-by-way-of-Nashville-based singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye has an adventurous spirit and an incurable case of wanderlust. “I love the Grateful Dead, and at a very early age, I gravitated to that culture of touring and seeing the world through music,” she reveals. “I’ve always wanted to see as much as I could in this life.” Taking... Continue Reading →

“Forces Of Decay” – New Music from Rogue + Jaye

Los Angeles via Nashville singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye and Zach Rogue, frontman of the acclaimed Bay Area indie-rock band Rogue Wave, are pleased to announce Rogue + Jaye, the brand new musical partnership between the two--a collaboration which has been simmering since a fated songwriting session in December 2013. Now, the duo plan to release their debut album, Pent Up, this year. Our... Continue Reading →

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