Premiere: “Something In My Heart” by Roger Hoover

Roger Hoover, who has made a name for himself in folk and Americana circles with his brand of searching, wistful songwriting, returns with his latest collection of originals, Pastures, out October 7th via Last Chance Records. Hoover isn’t an artist easily pigeonholed into one particular genre, and that’s just how he likes it. “My favorite songwriters are the risk-takers who leave traces of the past in their songs–Tom Waits, Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen,” Hoover explains. “And I feel I’m doing the same, advancing the genre while paying homage to the past.”

Indeed, Pastures’ thoughtful meanderings take listeners through a map of contemplative, everyman’s observations set in the fertile backdrop of the U.S. Midwest—a region Hoover himself knows firsthand. His childhood in Northeast Ohio gave him a lens on the life of the area’s working class population, which grew to a talent for turning observation into poetry. 

“I tried to provide an expression of the frustration that comes when you feel as though you’re being beaten down or trapped, but also an expression of hope and optimism that permeates the people of the Midwest,” Hoover notes. “This feeling that, ‘Times are hard tonight, but they won’t be in the morning.'”

Mother Church Pew is proud to premiere album track “Something In My Heart”, one such example of his ability to express hardship yet revel in hope. “In 2010 I had just come off playing and touring with a band called the Magpies. It was a good six year run but we couldn’t make that next step. My first marriage ended in divorce. All of these support systems had crumbled away and all I was left with was myself–and I wasn’t too happy with myself,” he recalls. “Then I met my wife Ysabel and she helped tear down all of these emotional walls I spent 30 years building. She reflected who I was back to me and helped me realize that there is a person capable of loving and being loved inside me. I wrote ‘Something in My Heart’ to capture the person I was and the person I hope to be, but also to let other people out there know that love and acceptance is never far away.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Something In My Heart” by Roger Hoover:

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