Premiere: “Like You Used To” by Drew Kohl

“I wrote this song after reading a biography book on Hank Williams Sr.,” says Nashville folk/country artist Drew Kohl of “Like You Used To”, the twangy first single from his album, New Rain, set for release in October. “I was listening to a lot of his songs and old country tunes and playing lead guitar in a country band at the time. I came up with the melody and chorus idea while driving in the car and then sat down when I got home and pretty much wrote the whole thing in about 15 minutes,” he adds. “That largely never happens to me when I write songs. I usually mess with ideas for a long time.” “Like You Used To” was tracked live at The Smoakstack in Nashville, with Kiely Schlesinger is singing harmony.
Kohl moved to Nashville from Athens, Georgia to seek his fortune two years ago; “I felt stuck and needed a change. Most big decisions I’ve made in my life have revolved around the pursuit of writing and performing music and Nashville was another extension of that,” says the singer, who learned to sing by listening to the Beatles and to Bob Dylan songs. “Admittedly, he’s not the best vocal role model, but I love all different styles of music,” he says.  “I played classical piano and briefly, was also in a psychedelic rock band in high-school, and since then, I’ve been on a journey of appreciating bluegrass, folk and country music more and more. That’s where I feel the most comfortable now.”
Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Like You Used To” by Drew Kohl:

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