Album Review: Ramblin Feels Good – Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

RFG.pngJeff Scroggins & Colorado, from—you guessed it, Colorado—released their brand new album, Ramblin Feels Good, on July 22nd. While the string band craze taking over the The Centennial State has produced all manner of “grasses” (and I do mean all manner), bluegrass traditionalists will find all they’ve ever wanted and more in Ramblin Feels Good.

On lyrically clever tracks like “Sometimes Dig For Taters”, Blake opines on the variety of life’s options: “Gotta go/Dig that hole/Sometimes wine/Sometimes ‘shine/Sometimes dig for taters”, delivered in a beautifully-executed minor key. The band’s vocalist, West Virgina native Greg Blake, has a yearning, lonesome tone to his twangy vocals; on album standout, “She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind”, he tells a tale of an unraveling relationship, as his languorous voice flows effortlessly, contrasted with the kind of furious finger-picking underneath that would leave any novice’s fingers in serious knots—a perfect way to illustrate the turmoil of untying the ties that bind.

The album is perfectly balanced between goosebump-inducing harmony on tender heartstring-tuggers like “Night Is Fallin In My Heart”, and ferocious barn-burners like title track “Ramblin Feels Good”. Before I even realized it, I had absorbed the contents of this album four times, and it only got better—one thing is certain, listenin’ feels good.


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