Album Review: The Way Down Wanderers, Self-titled LP

WDW.png“Where that trail ends, it’s where we begin to grow,” sings Collin Krause, dread-locked vocalist of modern folkicana outfit The Way Down Wanderers— lyrical evidence that these young men, who are deftly bridging the gap between bluegrass and indie rock n’ roll on their uncharted journey, just might be wise beyond their years. The five-piece collective, whose sound is well-suited for intimate coffee shop sets as well as big-stage summer festival appearances, are classically trained and irresistibly relatable.

Their brand new self-titled LP, set for release on July 15th, is comprised of 12 tracks of sonic exploration featuring rip-roaring banjo, carefree mandolin, soaring hamonies, and lush low-end strings. The Way Down Wanderers embark on a locomotive-like barn-burning adventure and beckon us to join—from the first notes of opener “Dead Birds”, a foot-stomping folk tune, to road-trip worthy ramblers like “Circles” and “Blacktop Highway”, with some snarling guitar-rock thrown in for good measure on tracks like “Changing”; there’s a sparkling gem waiting to be discovered around every single corner on this album.

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