Premiere: “Sunrise” by Jessica Martindale

“I’d drive all night, under the starry sky/In the morning light I’ll be by your side/And I will see the sunrise in your eyes,” sings Jessica Martindale in “Sunrise”, the ethereal new single from her forthcoming album, Warrior, set for release on August 12th.
“I started writing ‘Sunrise’ in the car after a show in Chicago,” recalls the singer. “It was one of those awesome nights when everyone is feeling the music, you’re in the blissful musical pocket, and there is so much unity in the room. I finished my set, exhausted from pouring my whole self into it… and then talked to strangers for an hour. I was touring by myself and just felt lonely.”  With yearning lyrics beautifully delivered through the expression of tangible longing of Martindale’s sultry voice, “Sunrise” may have been born from lonely isolation, but it feels like a warm embrace.

Martindale admits that “she lays it all out there” on Warrior; “I sing about things most important to me, things I’m learning, things I’m hoping for–from people-pleasing to addiction, consuming love, to the progression of time.” “Sunrise” is a snapshot of life as she knows it at this very moment, the tension between the passion for her musical journey and the unquenchable desire to be with her loved ones. To Jessica Martindale, this song is all about resolve; “This season is what it is,” she says, “And this is my solution to having it all–in song.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew is proud to present “Sunrise”, the new single from Jessica Martindale:

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