Preview: Fairground Saints at Cannery Ballroom on 3/14/16


Los Angeles-based popicana band Fairground Saints will roll into the Music City on March 14th to perform at Cannery Ballroom.  The trio is on tour with pop darling Carly Rae Jepsen on her current “Gimme Love” tour.

The band released their self-titled debut on Verve Records last year to rave reviews, and have been tearing up the highways spreading their sound from sea to shining sea. “We put our hearts into making it the best it could be,” says Mason van Valin of the album.  “It’s nice to see people responding so well to it.”

The tour is an Intense one, but the Fairground Saints are loving every minute of it. “It’s been great! We didn’t know what to expect because her music is quote different than ours.  Her new album has some really good stuff on it that we just love,” says Megan McAllister.  “We’ve had a really great response from the crowds so far.”  “It’s kind of out of our control, which is really interesting, everyday is about managing the chaos,” adds Elijah Edwards.

This tour also marks the band’s first on a bus; “I’ve gotten some of the best sleep I’ve ever had, the bus kind of rocks you to sleep!  It’s surprisingly comfy,” laughs McAllister, as van Valin adds, “The bus actually is starting to feel more like home than home does.”  So far, there’s only been one unnerving scenario.  “We got trapped in a town in Texas called Fort Stockton, and stuff kept happening to the bus, and I wasn’t sure if we were every going to be able to leave.  We made good friends with the hotel lobby clerk, because that’s the only person we saw,” says Edwards with a laugh,

While they haven’t had much time or enough mental calmness to sit and write while on the road, they’re always playing around with song ideas together.  “Plus, we’re sharing a bus with the other opening band—we all like to write early in the morning or really late at night, and we don’t want to be bad roommates.” explains van Valin.  “We’ve got a lot of music already wirtten, though, and we’re fully committed to making another album that’s as heartfelt as our first one.”

*with Carly Rae Jepsen 
March 4                                              Salt Lake City, UT                                    The Depot*
March 5                                               Englewood, CO                                Gothic Theatre*
March 7                                                    Tulsa, OK                                  Cain’s Ballroom*
March 8                                                 Lawrence, KS                                     The Granada*
March 9                                              Minneapolis, MN                              Varsity Theater*
March 11                                              Milwaukee, WI                     Turner Hall Ballroom*
March 12                                                 Chicago, IL                                                 Metro*
March 13                                                 Detroit, MI                                St. Andrews Hall*
March 14                                               Nashville, TN                            Cannery Ballroom*
March 17                                              Covington, KY                             Madison Theater*
March 18                                               Pittsburgh, PA                                     Mr. Small’s*
March 19                                                Norfolk, VA                                     The NORVA*
March 20                                              Baltimore, MD                   Baltimore Sound Stage*
March 22                                             Clifton Park, NY                     Upstate Concert Hall*
March 23                                              Providence, RI                                  Fete Ballroom*
March 25                                              New York, NY                                       Terminal 5*
March 26                                             Huntington, NY                               The Paramount*

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