“Death Cap” – New Video from Reina del Cid

Have you ever been to Iceland? Yeah, me neither, but after watching this new video by Reina del Cid, I’m looking into going, sooner rather than later.

The Minnesota-based songstress just dropped the video for a cut from last year’s The Cooling called “Death Cap,” a melancholic song that she says is about the final days of one’s life.
For the visual accompaniment of “Death Cap,” del Cid took a lengthy trip to Iceland to film on location in some of the worlds most gorgeous landscapes. In fact, she stayed there for six days before shooting even started to immerse herself in the new environment. “I didn’t want to fly in, grab a couple Starbucks lattes, shoot the video, and get out; I really wanted to experience the country in a visceral way before I even got in front of the camera,” she said.
Director Jason Ho noted that del Cid “goes from being ‘safe’ in the city to being vulnerable and small out in a huge and empty landscape.” And as del Cid wanders around some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, the sense of powerlessness the song gives off is aptly complimented by the shots Ho was masterfully able to capture.
I’ve probably watched the video ten times in the last half hour, even without the video, this song is a total earworm, so consider yourself warned:



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