Pew Playlist: 3 Songs That Should Be On Your Radar, 9/30/15

“Magic Mountain” – Firekid

Nashville-based native Alabaman Dillon Hodges, a.k.a. Firekid, is nothing short of a sensation.  Guitars quake at the sound of his name; when he performs, his nimble fingers fly across the frets leaving a trail of smoke behind. His blend of Southern grittiness, finger-picking, and dubstep-y beats, coupled with his songwriting prowess and quick wit (take a gander at his song “Americana Dream”) are the most delicious combination.  I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for almost a year, and finally, yes FINALLY, it was released last Friday. and I’m still beside myself with excitement.  Magic Mountain has been one of my favorites from the start, but here’s the whole album for you–you should definitely give it your attention.

“Sedona” – Houndmouth

This song by New Albany, Indiana’s Houndmouth is one of those crank-up-the-radio and roll-down-your windows kind of tunes;  “Sedona,” form the alt-country band’s latest release, 2015’s Little Neon Limelight, pays tribute to the southwestern town of the same name once known as “Arizona’s Little Hollywood.”  It has such a catchy chorus: “Hey little Hollywood/You’re gone but you’re not forgot/You got the cash but your credit’s no good/You flipped the script and you shot the plot/And I remember I remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink/A Saturday night kinda pink.”  I love it.

“Lay Down” – Son Little

Y’all know I have a thing for modern vintage; Philadelphia’s Aaron Earl Livingston, a.k.a. Son Little, has graced us with this swoon-worthy tune written while he was lying in bed with his lady, listening to the tea kettle whistle.  Have. Mercy.  With such soulful sensibilities, this up-and-coming crooner’s music is destined to worm its way into your ears and tug on all your heartstrings.

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