Album Review: The California Honeydrops – A River’s Invitation

Faced only with the sounds on the album, one would be unlikely place The California Honeydrops as a Bay-area band fronted by a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist from Warsaw, Poland.  Instead, you would likely believe you were hearing sounds from somewhere like Memphis, Tennessee. 

Combining elements of free jazz, soul and R&B, The California Honeydrops create smoothly-crafted tunes on A River’s Invitation that flow like a mixtape created for a trip down the Mississippi.  Band leader and front man, Lech Wierzynski has recruited a formidable band that has been touring the world since 2008.  With three EPs and an LP already behind them before releasing A River’s Invitation, it is no surprise the sound on this album is so tight and well-refined.

The title track, “A River’s Invitation,” combined with tunes like “Crazy Girl” and “When It Was Wrong,” bring the old party vibe of yesteryear to mind with visions of dancefloors and exuberant band members bouncing around the stage, while tunes like “On A Rainy Day” and “Long Way” make the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday morning.  The energy is high, the layers of instruments beautifully meld, and one cannot help but want to dance and/or shake along.

A River’s Invitation just dropped onto the scene on CD and digitally with a vinyl release to follow in October. The good times are sure to follow this collection of songs, snag your first listen here:


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