Album Review: The Ballroom Thieves – Deadeye

A smidge of rock, a drop of blues, all under the umbrella of full blown orchestral Americana folk—whatever you’re into, you can find it in The Ballroom Thieves’ new album, Deadeye, out October 21st. With their sophomore effort, the group continues a tradition of constructing moving music built on the foundation of powerful lyrics, haunting... Continue Reading →

Preview: Darlingside at City Winery on 4/16/16

When I last spoke with indie folk ensemble Darlingside--with whom I had a philosophical post-Thanksgiving discussion about the difference between "dressing" and "stuffing"--they had just released their latest album, Birds Say, and had been on tour with the likes of Patty Griffin, King Cardinal, The Ballroom Thieves, Tall Heights, and Caitlin Canty. Since then, they have... Continue Reading →

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